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The birth of the SYNDICATE is attributed to the exoteric luculent and appalling excision of basic and fundamental rights of the citizens

SYNDICATE is committed to ensure that no one be allowed to nullify the sanctity and purity of law and jettison the age old values “truth in action” and “the firm and continuous desire to render to every one which is due”, the two fundamental pillars of justice.


SYNDICATE lawyers have a collective practice experience of hundreds of years in Criminal, Civil and Corporate space of law.

Impeccable integrity, upright rectitude, self-belief, unmatched professional ethics, in-depth proficiency and expertise are the embodiments and anatomy of the SYNDICATE.

We Fight For Justice

To impart superior legal services that exceed expectations of clients, with highest standards of professional integrity.

Syndicate Lawyers

Whatever we have achieved to date and will achieve in the future comes down to inspiration to create the best Law Firm available. Dedication to make it work consistently and determination to prove that Legal Syndicate Advisory can and does it better.

Sanjay Kapur

Managing Director

Practice Areas

Criminal, Civil, Corporate Law, Company Law, Service Matters, Environment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Trademark, IT Act, Matrimonial Law, Narcotics, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, NCLT, Consumer Protection

Information Technology / Cyber Crime

Rape, Murder, Extortion, Sexual Harassment

Matrimonial Disputes, Domestic Violence, Family Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Cheating, Fraud, Forgery, Cheque Bouncing, Forensic


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The conscientious and microscopic analysis of each and every single word, documents on record, meticulous drafting, devising and crafting the innovative cutting-edge strategy, its presentation, belligerent and eloquent representation comes consistently, naturally and customarily to the SYNDICATE to the advantage of its client.

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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are
Benjamin Franklin

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The SYNDICATE team oozes with the burning desire to counter the opponents by invoking pre-emptive strategies and ensuring a multi-layered intervention bolstered by logic, cognition and irrefutable evidence.
The esoteric of the SYNDICATE team rises for the cause of right and virtuous to palliate the upheaval and pain of the society at large.


The SYNDICATE team issue with the  desire to counter the opponents by request preventative strategies and makes sure a complicated involvement support by logic, awareness and beyond doubt evidence.

The difficult of the SYNDICATE team rises for the cause of right and ethical to moderate the trouble and pain of the society at large.


Syndicate as its CSR policy extends pro bono services to the less privileged, to ensure that no one in the society is deprived of access to justice, that is a fundamental right of every citizen and is guaranteed under Article 14 & Article 21 of the Constitution of India.


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